Most people living in the country have a septic tank. This septic system can develop a number of problems. The problem can be in the tank itself, in the drain field, from roots getting in the tank or from a broken pipe. A sign of this, inside the building, can be sewage backing up in sinks or toilets, slow-flushing toilets and slow drainage. This is not only a smelly situation but it can be unhealthy as well. When these signs appear it is time to call septic service Denton for assistance.

When calling a septic repair Denton company, be prepared to discuss your situation. An experienced person, answering the phone, will be able to arrange an appointment for a septic expert to come to your home or business to look at your septic tank. He or she will be able to quickly determine where the problem is.


A septic tank problem can be caused by too much toilet paper or foreign objects being flushed down the toilet, grease poured down the sink or a septic tank that is full. When a septic repair Denton worker arrives on the scene he will determine whether it is a plugged pipe, a septic tank problem or a drain field problem and explain what needs to be done.


To determine if the problem is a clogged drain pipe, the septic service Denton worker will run a snake (a coiled wire) down the toilet to see if that clears it. If not, a camera will be put in the drainage pipe to determine what the problem is. Using air pressure, it is not difficult to clear a pipe that is clogged in this manner. If the pipe is broken this will require digging it up and replacing it. This is rarely the problem.


A drain field drains off water from the septic tank and is made of gravel or stone which acts as a filter. Problems with this part of the system often becomes evident when water accumulates on the surface near the tank. Repairing this usually requires digging up the field and replacing the gravel or stone.


Over a period of time, the septic tank must be pumped. When it is determined that this is required, a septic pumping Denton worker will arrive with a large truck. A hose will be extended into the tank and a pump in the truck will remove the septic tank’s contents. Each septic tank must have a certain amount of bacteria to work correctly and this will be provided. This pumping should be done at least every two years. A septic pumping Denton company will be happy to provide this information for you.


The aerobic treatment of septic units is used in almost every municipal sewer treatment plant. The principle of this system is that it uses aerobic bacteria that loves oxygen, to digest the septic tank’s contents. The majority of home septic tanks use anaerobic bacteria which does not like oxygen. The purpose of bacteria is to break down the solids in a septic tank. It is said that aerobic septic bacteria does this faster and more efficiently.

Regardless of what type of septic tank you use, it is important to keep it working efficiently. How often it should be pumped depends on things such as the size of the tank, the number of people in the home, if you are using a garbage disposal unit and other factors. If you are worried about your septic tank, a reliable septic tank company should be contacted for information.