Grease Trap Cleaning

Take preventative measures for your grease trap

Not taking proper care of your grease trap can lead to pricey repairs. We will clean, repair, or pump your grease trap when needed.If your trap is outdated, our team can install a brand new one.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Maintain Your Business’s Grease Trap To Conform With Local Regulations

When you have a commercial kitchen, you should have a grease trap to conform to local regulations concerning proper sanitary procedures. It is essential to call us for routine grease trap cleaning to make sure that the device is operating correctly. If your grease trap becomes clogged with debris, then water won’t flow through a building’s pipes properly, leading to a backwash of debris into a kitchen’s sink and other plumbing fixtures. Having your business’s grease traps operating correctly can prevent additional plumbing problems.

We Have the Specialized Equipment Required For Cleaning Grease Traps

At Massey’s Septic, we have the specialized equipment required for efficient grease trap cleaning. We understand how to remove the grease and food debris from varied brands or styles of grease traps so that you can keep your business open for customers. We can work on smaller point-of-use grease traps that are located inside buildings underneath the kitchen sinks or near to dishwashers. In addition, our plumbing company has the equipment to work on larger in-ground grease traps that are located outside buildings near municipal or septic sewer systems.

Have Grease Traps Cleaned Every 90 Days

To meet federal environmental safety codes, you must make sure that 90 percent of greases, oils and fats are intercepted by a working grease trap. It is important to have the grease traps emptied routinely to avoid a dense blockage. Experts recommend having grease traps emptied and tested every 90 days by a qualified plumber. Some grease traps are designed to hold several gallons of grease while larger in-ground grease traps located at medical facilities or schools can hold thousands of gallons of grease.

Cleaning a Grease Trap Routinely Protects Its Components

The thick brown grease that collects in a grease trap begins to decay quickly, leading to the growth of bacteria that will damage the grease trap’s components. At Massey’s Septic, we can create a regular schedule to remove grease from your business’s grease trap so that you do not need to call us to perform the task. It is vital to have a grease trap emptied when it is 25 percent full to ensure that fats, oils and grease are not entering a city’s sewer system.

Call Massey’s Septic To Have Your Business’s Grease Traps Cleaned

Massey’s Septic has the equipment required to suction the dangerous brown grease into the proper receptacles for disposal at a landfill. By following the correct guidelines for grease trap cleaning and disposal, a business owner is less likely to receive a fine from government authorities for polluting a region’s wastewater. With routine cleaning, the grease trap is safer because it does not have a buildup of sulfur gases that can create corrosive acids. If sulfuric acid develops in a grease trap, then the substances can erode and damage the grease trap’s metal components and the surrounding concrete.

Grease Trap Cleaning


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