It is an unfortunate fact that homeowners put a lot of things down the sink, toilets and drains that we absolutely should not. And, those with septic systems should be very careful with the items it decides to flush into the drains. If we’re not more careful, we will need to be looking into hiring professionals for septic tank repair.

Therefore, if you’re just moving into a home with a septic system, or already live in one but are finding issues with your system, consider the following information:

Items That Should NOT Go Into a Septic System

In the Kitchen

Those that work in the septic tank service field advise that homeowners should remember the acronym FOG, which stands for fats, oils and grease. As you cook, you most likely wash those items down your drain. Your family may scrape off their dishes in the sink before rinsing to put in your dishwasher. Or, perhaps no one scrapes off the dishes and the food is left to drain with the dirty dishwater. No matter how the items get in our drains, they do and this is not good news for your septic system.

Also, egg shells, nut shells and coffee grounds are also bad for the system. This is because they are solid and will cause your septic tank to fill out faster. They can also plug up your drain holes and soil as these items drain into your drain field.

In the Bathroom

Paper towels, rags, sanitary napkins, condoms and tampons are all very bad for your system. They can plug inlet and outlets to your septic tank along with filling up the tank sooner than normal. This will cause you to need a septic tank pumping more frequently.

In the Home

Other materials that should not go into the bank include craft and hobby materials such as paints and thinners. This can cause the bug life in your system to die. Also, the materials could drain into the drain field area and cause failure of your system.

Disposable diapers and filter tips of cigarettes should be kept away from your system as well, as they can cause your system to prematurely fail.

The basic rule of thumb is this: With the exception of toilet paper, don’t put anything in the system that did not go through your mouth. In the end, your system will last much longer.