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Massey septic is a family and veteran owned septic service company that specializes in PUMPING and REPAIRING septic systems. For over 40 years we have been in business and we would be happy to show you and your family how our service has kept us moving forward. From simple routine pumping to the most complicated repair we would like to be the company you choose.

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Septic tanks need to be cleaned every two to four years to continue working effectively. Tanks are designed to trap scum and sludge, allowing clean effluent to travel to a disposal field. Our team can help increase the life of your tank.

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Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks are small-scale, house-to-house sewage management systems. They are mostly used in areas where governments have not provided urban sewer systems that drain water into central drainage systems. Septic tanks work by dividing waste into solids, liquids and oils. Solids are found at the bottom of the tank and liquids, which occupy 90% of the tank, are found in the middle while oils are found at the top of the septic tank. Using drainpipes, the liquid part is drained out to a drain field or leach field. They are used in residential areas as well as restaurants and are majorly found in rural areas. Their sizes range from 4000 to 7500 liters. Septic tanks need to be cleaned every two to three years for durability of up to 40 years. At Massey’s Septic Service, we offer septic tank maintenance services through septic pumping and septic tank treatment.

Why this service is important

Septic tanks accumulate sludge and scum due to grease accumulation. Grease from home and restaurant kitchens cause this; leading to clogging of drains and pipes. Pipes and drains also clog due to natural factors like roots of trees near the septic tank and other non-biodegradable solid wastes like cigarette butts and cotton swabs. Biodegradable waste may accumulate to unmanageable levels since bacteria cannot completely break down all organic solid waste.  Septic tank pumping is an efficient way to remove clogs and remove the accumulation of solids, whether caused by grease or degradable and un-degradable solid waste. This improves the overall performance of septic tanks.

How it helps

Septic tank pumping prevents ground water and surface water pollution because when the waste is pumped out, it allows the soil absorption system to rest for a period of time. Allowing the soil absorption system to rest increases the efficiency of not only the septic tank but also improves drainage of water in soil. Septic pumping removes excess water from the septic tank, reduces odor and gas emissions from the tank, and allows for treatment of the tank using CCLS a bacteria or enzyme septic treatment. Septic tank pumping aids in increasing the tank’s lifespan and is less costly for those unable to connect to urban sewer systems.
It is advisable for one to frequently pump septic tanks depending on the tank capacity, the amount of wastewater and the quantity of solid waste accumulated. Massey’s Septic Tank Service is a professional service that solves all waste management issues. Apart from water pumping, Massey’s robust team of professionals gives advice on the best place to build a septic tank, conducts soil analysis before building a septic, and repair faulty septic tanks.

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